We here at Zobe Fashions, Models, & Talents (Modeling, Talent, & Promotional Agency) would like to introduce to you our company as one of the nation's and world's well respected agencies. Our company is seeking unique, beautiful, eager, and urban looking women and men for print work and fashion shows as well as talented individuals who rap, sing, act, do comedy, can dance, or recite poetry. If you believe that you have what it takes to become a Zobe model and have confidence, character, and a strut that sets you apart from the crowd, then this is the place for you.

Currently we are developing a diverse line-up with models of various ethnic groups, sizes, skin tones, and heights. "Zobe" only considers using the most experienced, attractive, and lively aspiring models who would like to enhance their careers in the industry and add "Zobe" events to their list of achievements on their resumes. There is no experience like a Zobe experience within this very difficult industry. Zobe offers our models and talents as much recognition as we possibly can. We do our best to make sure that our models reach their goals, hopes, dreams and aspirations of becoming a known, well developed, and a well respected model/talent in this industry.

"Zobe Fashions, Models, & Talent's" DC based founder and CEO, Mr. Black is committed and obligated to making sure that each "Zobe" model, entertainer, and talent receives the attention they deserve. Currently in business for over 16 years, Zobe was founded in the Washington DC Metro Area and was relocated to Savannah, GA. Not too long ago we made our final relocation back here to the Washington DC Metro Area. You may see company spelled "Z-o-b-e " but it is pronounced: Z-O-B-A-Y. This is a name derived from Mr. Black's nickname ,"Zo", as well as his mother's, "Be-Be". His mother is also a fashion designer and the president of Loretta's Fashion Elite Designers LTD. Mr. Black's mother started him out as a child about 5 years old doing modeling and various fashion shows including her own. Ever since then, Mr. Black had an eye for high fashion, design, and obtained the knowledge that he now uses in his own business. "Zobe Fashions, Models, & Talents" is one of the hottest, new developments on the fashion scene, but Zobe will still lead by example for those who have been within the industry already and for those who would like to become a part of this industry in the future.

Mr. Black is on a never ending journey to succeed all while he sets new goals for himself, presenting to the nation his outstanding abilities on the runway, in front of the camera, or any way that industry calls for him to. The industry changes so much that he gives his all to make his mark in the industry and never falls behind in the industry, always staying 2 steps ahead of the game. Ever since he first started, he never let go of his vision and he never will. When it comes to his business, Mr. Black does not demand anything less than the utmost professionalism, precision, and dedication. It is our wish that you fulfill all your goals and aspirations to become a Professional Model. Good Luck! Remember you get out of it what you put into it! We do not promise that every gig you come across will be a paid gig or that you may not have to pay for some expenses throughout your career but we do guarantee that if we can do this together... you won't be disappointed! We look forward to seeing you with Zobe Fashions, Models, & Talents!







Alonzo Black

Agent-Fashion Designer-Photographer-Graphics & Web Designer

Senior Director of A&R for Zobe Records / Alonzo Black Publishing (ASCAP)



La Rosalyn Williams (MARYLAND)
Talent Agent / A&R / Scout


Eugene Moody (WASHINGTON DC)
Talent Agent / A&R / Scout


Benjamin Freeman (MARYLAND)
Talent Agent / A&R / Scout


Victor Honesty (VIRGINIA)
Talent Agent / A&R / Scout


Bennie Owens (NEVADA)
Talent Agent / A&R / Scout


Dareil Irby (MARYLAND)
Talent Agent / A&R / Scout (Intern)


Ishmail Koroma (VIRGINIA)
Talent Agent / A&R / Scout (Intern)


Joy Tippins (NEVADA)
Talent Agent / A&R / Scout


Joel Robinson (NEVADA)
Talent Agent / A&R / Scout


Talent Agent / A&R / Scout


Talent Agent / A&R / Scout


Talent Agent / A&R / Scout (Intern)


Ronnie Simon (CALIFORNIA)
Talent Agent / A&R / Scout


Marsha Ashraf (ILLINOIS)
Talent Agent / A&R / Scout


Jerita Wilson (MARYLAND)
Talent Agent / A&R / Scout / Fashion Styling


Antoinette Ortega (CALIFORNIA)
Talent Agent / A&R / Scout / Sales / Marketing


Lamont "Renzo" Bracy (ALABAMA)
Talent Agent / A&R / Scout


Zack Birchmeier (MICHIGAN)
Talent Agent / A&R / Scout / Marketing


William Harris (TEXAS)
Public Relations / Talent Agent / A&R / Scout


Darel Wesley (TENNESSEE)
Talent Agent / A&R / Scout


Amelia Squires (CALIFORNIA)
Talent Agent / A&R / Scout / Marketing


 Lincon Jones (CANADA)
Director of HR (Intake) / Talent Agent / A&R / Scout


Nathaniel Payne (WASHINGTON, DC)
Senior Booking & Talent Agent / Senior A&R 


Cornel Belton (WASHINGTON, DC)
Photographer / Image Development / Scout