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DMV Talented Youth Foundation

(providing for those youth in need from Washington DC, Maryland, & Virginia)

Make a donation today to help keep young adults off the streets and allow them to do something positive in their life that they enjoy doing! This organization provides youth an opportunity to fine-tune their crafts/talents and showcase them while learning from positive influences and mentors who will guide them along the way. DMV Talented Youth Foundation provides scholarships to young students and grants to youth entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to be able to fill the void of opportunity available to young entrepreneurs in obtaining business consulting, capital, and guidance to pull their dreams a little closer to reality! There is no other organization or program available that is willing to put forth this effort... the government, the banking industry, and even angel capital investors choose not to do what we do... we believe in our youth and their dreams!
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Interested in volunteering for our staff or mentoring here at the DMV Talented Youth Foundation? Contact us at: Booking@ZobeModelsAndTalents.com (Subject header should state: "Interested in DMV Talented Youth Foundation")