Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is Zobe Models & Talents?
A: Zobe Models & Talents is a modeling, talent, and promotional agency based in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area. We currently have over 150 models (Male & Female) whom we represent, manage, promote, and provide exposure to within the industry. (For more information about Zobe go to the "About Us" section of our website.)

Q: What type of modeling does Zobe take part in?
A: We here at Zobe participate in most categories of the modeling industry including: Runway, Print, Commercial, Editorial, Catalog, Promotional, Parts, Glamor, and more.

Q: What does the Talent/Entertainment portion of the company consist of?
A: We here at Zobe do not only manage models but we also represent actors, actresses, poets, comedians, dancers, vocalists, musical artists, as well as other talents. We work in close relation to a number of other entertainment companies, production studios, and music labels.

Q: What type of work has Zobe gotten for your models in the past?
A: We have sent our models to many different castings, shoots, and shows locally and nationally and have just expanded to internationally. We have had our models & talents in commercials, magazines, news papers, movies, music videos, fashion shows, expos, promotional advertisements, on many different runways, and more.

Q: How often do you provide work for your models?
A: As often as possible... we provide our models/talents with various castings, gigs, go-sees, and assignments and because of the fact that we hold NON-EXCLUSIVE contract agreements with MOST but not ALL of our models/talents, it is totally up to them as to how much work they would like to accept. Of course every assignment will not be a paid one but we do provide both paid and unpaid assignments to our models/talents simply because not all of our models/talents are professional "top models/talents" and some are beginners or fairly new to the industry so they need the exposure and experience to build up their resumes and portfolios so we provide that for them along with the guidance and teaching that they need to further their careers.

Q: If I purchase any product or service from Zobe and I decide that I no longer want it can I get a refund?
A: No... we do NOT give refunds. We automatically provide those funds to our contractors whom we have to complete the projects immediately. We cannot obtain any financial reimbursements back from our contractors.

Q: What is a Zobe Signature Model?
A: We here at Zobe appreciate the models within our company that push beyond their normal limits. These are the models who seem to give the look of Zobe. These individuals receive first notice about all assignments, opportunities, and events. These individuals have what it takes to surpass a lot of individuals within this industry. These models are the faces of the agency.

Q: As a fashion designer Mr. Black, what type of garments do you provide?
A: Well... I actually started out only designing urban wear but have expanded my collections tremendously. I now design high fashion, couture, prom dresses, lingere, swim wear, casual, and lounge wear as well. Very soon I will be getting into my children's collection and formal/business wear for men and women. I have been asked many times to incorporate a maternity line and a plus size line into my collections but I have not yet... we'll see what happens in the years to come. However, plus size and maternity have a couple of items that can be chosen from our gift shop. (link is found on our link page)

Q: I am an out-of-state or international model and would like to join Zobe. How would I go about doing so?
A: The first thing you do is email us or give us a call and state your interest. Then you would next obtain photos that you have the copyrights to and email them to us. If you have comp cards or a resume be sure to send that as well. We will respond back with the information that you will need to join our agency. When you receive this information give us a call back or email us to find out what the next step will be. After we receive the materials back from you that are needed we will then add you to our website, market you as one of our talents, and begin to get work assignments for you. This is when you officially become a Zobe Model/Talent. This is the process to go by unless you are able to travel to us for an interview.

1) Be on time!
2) Always be prepared!
3) Always look your best!
4) Be professional in everything that you do.
5) Don't feel pressured to do anything that you do not feel comfortable doing.
6) Make sure you get a modeling agreement or "release" signed before or after the shoot.
7) Never go anywhere alone if you don't feel comfortable. Take a buddy.
8) Make it as clear as possible on the exact types of jobs or assignments that you want to handle.
9) Always keep enough cash with you. Not every gig will be a paid one!(you never know if you will need to pay for parking, tolls, or for food on a long gig)
10) Try to communicate, with the photographer/agency/client, as much as possible. If he/she writes to you answer as quickly as possible.
11) Get adequate rest, especially if travel is involved.
12) Always remember that it takes alot of work to be a professional and a sucessful model and you should be putting forth just as much, if not more, of an effort to enhance your career as anyone else working with you.
13) Try to keep up with styles, clothing trends, etc. and be sure to keep your portfolio updated with new looks etc.
14) Remember ... you won't become a model by sitting at home and waiting for agents to come to you.

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How Do I Know That I Am With A Good Agency?

AgencyPro Database Account FAQs

Q: What is AgencyPro?
A: Great news! We are thrilled to announce that we are going electronic with the top talent software program in the business! This program has fabulous benefits and this will be used to run and maintain the office operations on a daily basis.

Q: Is activating my account required to register?
A: No, you will have a free basic not-active account for the lifetime of your registration that includes 2 photo slots, all information entry including resume, contact, physical information, and full search visibility to me based on the information on your account.

Q: Why should I pay to activate my account in your database?
A: Activation can bring you a number of marketing tools like printable materials, public website links, and you can add audio or video slot uploads to your account once you activate. All transactions go to AgencyPro Software directly.

Q: Is there an additional cost for audio or video?
A: Yes, there is a one-time fee of $40/slot to activate a slot and then the slot is available for uploading for the lifetime of your account with no additional costs for switching out photos. All transactions go to AgencyPro Software directly.

Q: Why do I have to type in my resume instead of uploading?
A: You type in your resume information so that it is all keyword searchable for me and it looks professional in my template and I can easily locate the information by the organized sections. If you have a word document you can copy/paste or drag and drop each field entry. Contact AgencyPro Support for assistance with entering your resume at 610-747-0966 Option "3".

Q: Do I still need to register with you if I already have an AgencyPro account with another casting company or agent?
A: YES! Each AgencyPro database is private. If you wish to be considered for my projects you must have at least the free basic account in my system so I can locate you in my searches!