Zobe Fashion Catalog

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Spring Outfits (Price is for each individual outfit) $29.95
Summer Outfits (Price is for each individual outfit) $24.95
Lingerie Outfits (Price is for individual outfit on LEFT) $29.95
Female Lounge Wear (Black cotton long female sweat shirt with low v-neck, front pocket and hood lined with silver rings) $29.95
Men's Casual Dress Shirt (White dress shirt with black cotton sleeves, various pockets and patches.) $24.95
Female Summer Outfit- 3 piece (shirt, vest, skirt) $29.95
Summer Outfit (lady)- Single strap black cotton top with glitter ZOB`A and fringes. Sand blasted jean skirt with high slits, metal rings, high front and lower back. $29.95
Long Jean Skirt (sand-blasted with fringes at bottom) $19.95
Red Dress (Evening Wear/Club Wear) $49.95
Sparkle Dress (Stretch material, ties in front at bust, waist, and on side at hip.) $49.95
Jeans (male) (Sand-blasted ZOBE) $39.95
Single Shoulder Top (Metal rings on side and down single arm) $19.95
Fall Outfit (male) 4 piece- jean headband, black/jean ZOBE shirt, blue/jean button-up shirt, and jean sand-blasted pants with metal rings at knees. $49.95
Booty Shorts (Black leather shorts) $29.95
Black jeans (male): black sand-blasted jeans $39.95
Lingere / bathing suit (Brown Fur 2 piece) $29.95
Female Summer Outfit (Black 2 piece- bra top with fringes and skirt with fringes) $24.95
Fall Female Outfit (2 piece cotton outfit. throw top with frayed skirt) $49.95
Red Knot Dress (Asymetrical Long Dress) $49.95
Laced Dress (Brown Soft Snake Material with Lining. Open Side Panels Laced Down. Longer Back with belly button hole in front.) $59.95
Leather Outfit (3 piece leather outfit- Top, shorts, leggins.) $59.95
Female Outfit (On Left) 2 piece- Asymetrical Skirt & droopy top. $49.95
Black Dress: Long Tie-Dress (ties up at bust, waist, and hips) $45.95
Gold Evening Wear Outfit- sparkle 2 piece outfit. top & skirt (also comes in red sparkle) $44.95
White Sparkle (Club Dress) $49.95
Matrix Dress White & Black (hint of pink) Unique Design. Short front-long back. 3/4 length sleeves hang off shoulders. $69.95
Silver & Black Outfit (Top and long skirt. Tight-fit stretch silky material. Top asymetrical cut along shoulder with single flowing sleeve.) $74.95
Brown Snake Outfit (soft snake material exotically designed to show skin lined with silver rings) $49.95
V Cut One-Piece Swimsuit (thin copper sparkle) $44.95